Hear No Evil

Claims its name from the legend of the three wise monkeys; like a tight-knit film crew, a Camera-op may See No Evil, a Director is likely to Speak No Evil and a Soundie will Hear No Evil.

Hear No Evil strives to capture crystal-clear, error-free audio on location. As well as high quality equipment, a good Soundie combines technique with experience to develop 'big ears', by focussing on the expected while listening for the unexpected.

Alf Rose

Award-winning Broadcaster and Musician based at Pukehina Beach in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

12 years as co-host of an award-winning Regional Breakfast Show

Nationwide Talkback Host & NetworkMusic Presenter

Accomplished bass player with extensive experience

Magazine Columnist / Broadcast Journalist

Skilled Voice-Over Artist

Former Cinema Manager

Member of b.o.p film

A seasoned traveller with long-stay house-sitting experience in Central America, California and South Australia. Independant  travel throughout South America, China, Tibet, Malaysia, Thailand and much of the South Pacific. Currently living near some of the world's most stunning movie locations including Hobbiton, White Island and more.

Feature Film

 The Z-Nail Gang (2014), Music Production / Vehicle Wrangler / Extra - CommonUnity Productions

Short Films

Just Three Girls (2016), Sound Recordist / Extra - b.o.p film

Implications of Imagination (2017), Sound Recordist - Twinkling Bat Films

Bleach (2017), Sound Recordist - Twinkling Bat Films


BBC Sports Personality of the Year (2016), Sound Recordist - NZ Greenroom Productions

Web Series

Branch Danger (2016), Pilot for Chariot Club, Sound Recordist - Kahu Films

NZ Film Award nominee



Columnist of a monthly lifestyle magazine

NewstalkZB Northland Journalist-in-charge

Works in progress include screen dramas and a non-fiction book

Accurate proofreader


BBC Sport
Wavelab LE9
Cubase LE8